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CSS3 media queries with dynamic viewport width

I’ve only recently started using CSS3 media queries in order to target mobile devices, but I found it so easy I wondered why I hadn’t got around to it before. Essentially it boils down to something like this inside your … Continue reading

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Simple Drupal 7 Galleries

An issue I faced quite early on with Drupal 7 was how to add a gallery to pages. Many of the modules are lagging behind with their support for the latest version or are overkill. The Gallery plugin, for example, … Continue reading

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PHP SQL injection & other basic security issues

SQL injection is the number one way websites are compromised. This stems from its relative simplicity and the fact that a simple programmer oversight on just one piece of data can leave the entire site vulnerable. Here I run through … Continue reading

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Creating a guestbook with CakePHP part 2

In my first post I showed how to setup your development environment, create your tables and use the CakePHP command line utility to bake the models, controllers and views. I’m now going to expand upon this bare bones guestbook by … Continue reading

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Creating a guestbook with CakePHP

In this post I will be going over how to develop a simple guestbook application using CakePHP. By the end of this post you will have a functioning guestbook running locally on your machine. By the end of the second … Continue reading

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Baking with CakePHP

PHP is famous for it’s flexibility and almost equally famous for the disaster that flexibility┬ácan bring. I learnt PHP some time ago from a book which had no qualms about having MySQL queries thrown in with some HTML and numerous … Continue reading

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New website

It’s been some years since I last changed my website. The previous design was created about 3 years ago. It didn’t exactly look out of place by today’s standards: it used XHTML, CSS and PNG images carefully crafted together to … Continue reading

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