Hi, I’m Ashley and I currently work for Cisco developing set top box software.

This website serves as my web ‘playground’ from which I can continue to add to and learn from. The site contains some projects I have worked on and my personal blog which I add to on topics based around web development and anything else that garners my interest.

I have worked extensively with frontend and backend web technologies. On the frontend I have worked with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including the jQuery and Prototype frameworks. I have also integrated Ajax functionality into various sites.

On the backend I have a deep understanding of PHP and have developed sites using traditional inline PHP as well as in an object oritentated style to produce database driven dynamic websites using MySQL. I have also worked with the CakePHP framework which promotes the Model View Controller paradigm.

Additionally, I have web development experience with Java, having carried out development in the Spring framework. I have knowledge of integrating and using both the Hibernate and OpenJPA Java persistence implementations.

I have experience in configuring and customising both WordPress and Drupal installations.

I’ve had an interest in web site design and construction for a number of years. I built my first website using HTML when I was around 13. Since then I’ve continued to develop my skills and am always on the lookout for new technologies to explore.

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