Perhypex: Guest

Perhypex: Guest is a guestbook service which I developed from the ground up using PHP backed by a MySQL database. I wanted a project to improve my skills with PHP and get into database driven sites. As I also needed a good guestbook service for use on Faulklea Cavaliers, this seemed like the perfect project.

The site gradually evolved into a fully functioning product as I added all the functionality. After some time, my knowledge of PHP had improved dramatically and I also gained experience with object orientated languages. Wanting to put my new knowledge to use, I threw away the entire existing code base and wrote the site again from scratch. This time I added more functionality and improved the maintainability dramatically.

Features include:

  • Abilitly to create and manage multiple guestbooks
  • Notification of new comments by email
  • A selection of themes to choose from and the ability to create your own
  • Comment approval and spam filtering based on IP and email address
  • Unlimited custom fields, including the option to create a drop down list of options
  • Private comments
  • Quick and easy comment search